Ilkley Maths Tutor
Anne Oddy M Ed (Maths Education) B Ed (Maths) 
I am an experienced teacher based in Ilkley specialising in Secondary School Mathematics. I can offer individual tuition in Maths for pupils from Upper Primary School to those preparing for GCSE. Your child may need support to develop a fuller understanding of and fluency with the topics covered at school. If they are preparing for examinations they can benefit from help with targeted revision, practice of (and detailed feedback on) past papers and guidance on examination techniques. By working as a tutor on a one-to-one basis I can build on the teaching received in school by identifying their individual needs and recognising and resolving their difficulties with this key subject.

I believe that all young people have the ability to achieve in Mathematics but many pupils do struggle from time to time with the subject. A key ingredient in being successful is having confidence that you will master the topic. Many people are familiar with that feeling of not knowing where to start; which is perhaps more often mentioned as a feature of learning Maths than of any other subject. The loss of confidence that is experienced undermines motivation and makes understanding difficult. By working individually with a tutor there is the opportunity for pupils to identify what it is that they are able to do and then work towards progress from the point at which they feel secure. Pace and approach can be individually tailored to their needs and preferences and compliment the methods already met in school. Through working with a tutor on building confidence and practising the techniques required for mastering the concepts, pupils can make real progress towards achieving their potential in Mathematics.

I have worked in Maths Education throughout my adult life. I gain a great deal of pleasure from working with young people and contributing to their development. For me the greatest reward professionally comes when a pupil has been struggling with something and suddenly they ‘get it’ and you realise that they have achieved full understanding. As an individual tutor there is the opportunity to work really closely with the pupils so that you can guide them towards that understanding and witness them being successful in something that they have found challenging. For me this is very motivating and satisfying.
I am also available to tutor adults who are seeking to improve their maths or need support to gain a maths qualification. Although I have regularly taught A Level Maths I am not currently offering this level of tutoring.
Click on the above tabs for details of costs, my experience in teaching maths and my qualifications. I shall be pleased to discuss the assistance you or you child needs and show you the room I use for tutoring. My home address is close to Ilkley Grammar school and Moorfield School. The contact tab above has the details you need to phone, email or visit.